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There are two aspects of painting which hold a particular interest to me. The first are the qualities of the different colours, individually and in balance with each other. Colour itself is a reason to paint. The second aspect is form, in this case, the form of a creature, be it cat, crow or rat, and how that form speaks of the subject's inner nature. The colour black is an interesting one with which to express this form. It is an impenetrable colour, both mysterious and protecting.

-- Gwendolyn Best


Gwendolyn Best
Dec 19, 2010

My process for non-figurative work is slightly different from work which contains an image. It is a more reactive process. Colours and forms respond to each other. As another "voice" is added,  the balance continually shifts. The little black animals (cats, rats and crows) are less reactive and more of an imposition, a declaration on the space.

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